About Uss

Owner and proprietor (Ms. Tiffany Patton) of Enerlight Candle Co. began three years ago with a more modest look and feel. As she began to evolve, she noticed so did her vision. Reestablishing herself spiritually. She found a newfound love for herself & realized that she had been living life through a very skewed lens. Through the eyes of others even. It became apparent that she had been shrinking to make others feel comfortable.

As her original candle line was a more standard look. Patton, however, stands on the scripture despise not small beginnings. Her vision came from not only her love & affection for candles but the love and desire to see others being the fullness of who God has called them to be. Unfortunately, most times Ms. Patton found that individuals dim the light that God placed within them to make others feel better as well.

There is great power in allowing your individual light to shine, says Patton. Ms. Patton decided that the foundation of Enerlight Candle Co. would be that of Matthew 5:14-16 and she would be the reminder to all to "Allow their light to shine before ALL men" (men and women- no matter the position, title, financial status, ethnicity, current situation, etc.). Desiring for ALL to let their “Enerlight” shine from within! When asked about the unique spelling she stated that Ener- stemmed from the word energy for which most things is the source from which power flows. As for her & her evolution of self, self-love & brand came from the true energy source …God.

Serving as a reminder to her that when you come to the end of yourself or your light begins to dim, it is time to reconnect to the source (light-God). From that point on, Enerlight Candle Co. was rebirthed. The relaunch of the company in our 3rd year, we wanted to make sure that our line reflected not only the evolution of the visionary but the importance to present the diversity of beauty, brilliance & excellence that illuminates through us all through our luxury candles. Using beautiful glassware to display the most tantalizing and infectious long-lasting fragrances that not only inspires but infuses peace, love, hope & strength into every home and office.